A High-Energy, Heart-Tugging Television Series!
Clay grew up racing motocross and has always been into pushing the limits. In an
unexpected motorcycle accident on a small mountain highway in June of 1994,
Clay broke his neck. Despite this agonizing injury, Clay proceeded to be the first
quadriplegic ever to compete professionally in the extreme sport of Rockcrawling.
As a champion of the sport and one of the most sought after drivers, Clay
continaully proves his exceptional talent, acute skill, and forever-optimism. Now
as a published author, motivational speaker and inspiration to many of his kind,
Clay’s message is delivered to diverse audiences all over the world.
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A high-energy comparison of our “jacked up” athlete and our “able-bodied”
celebrity. More and more people everyday who have disabilities are coming up with
ways to live life to the extreme by pursuing what they love. And sometimes, even
against other able-body competitors. Each week we will travel abroad seeking out
individuals who are Jack’d Up, pair them up with a celebrity and trade skills for a
day. Focusing on ability rather than “dis” ability, Jack’d Up will have you in awe
of the sheer power and beauty of these highly skilled, highly trained athletes while
they demonstrate their determination to excel. Jack’d Up, is feel good television
with a purpose.
JACK'D UP - What is it?
THE HOST - Clay Egan