A High-Energy, Heart-Tugging Television Series!
Aaron, an active eighteen-year-old boy, was born with Spina Bifida, a congenial
spinal cord disease that gradually confined him in a wheelchair. At 14, Guinness
Book of World Records recorded Aaron as the first to perform a back-flip in a
wheelchair. Now, at 18, this highly sought-after personality has made his way to
many mass-media outlets.
PILOT EPISODE- Aaron Fotheringham
SPECIAL GUEST: "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram Freestyle motocross legend and
ten times X Games and Gravity Games medalist.
EPISODE #1 - Clay Egan

Clay Egan broke his neck in a motorcycle accident in June of 1994. Despite this
horrible event, Clay went on to become one of the most sought after
Rockcrawling champions in history. Now as a published author and motivational
speaker Clays message is delivered all over the world. Jessi Combs of Spike TV’s
“Extreme 4x4” would be the guest host for this show. Special Guest:
TravisPastrana. Action Sports star. Pro everything.

EPISODE #2 - Ricky James

A dramatic motocross accident left Ricky James a parapeligic. But through the
help of his friends and family Ricky converted his bike to allow him to race again.
As the first paraplegic to race a motorcycle in the Baja 500, Ricky continues his
refined spirit in hopes to be the first to compete in the NASCAR seires. Special
Guest: “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram. Freestyle motocross legend and ten times X
Games and Gravity Games medalist.

EPISODE #3 - Amy Purdy

Amy a competitive snowboarder from an early age contracted bacterial meningitis
and spent 5 weeks in a comma. After she came out she lost both of her legs. Amy
is the first double amputee to snowboard. Special Guest: Shaun White.
Professional Snowboarder and Skater. Multiple X Games, winter and summer

EPISODE #4 - Lance Magin

At the age of eighteen, Lance broke his back racing motocross which left him a
paraplegic. As his passion has always been racing, Lance went on to race in the
Baja 1000. Now looking towards NASCAR and “The Best In The Desert” series,
Lance continues to defy his “dis” ability. Special Guest: Jesse James. Reality TV
star, owner of West Coast Choppers and married to Sandra Bullock. Jesse is a
regular competitor in the Baja 1000.

EPISODE #5 - Chris Ridgway

Neither a broken back or disease struck this X-Games and Extremity Games
motocross Gold Medalists. After a heinous accident that left Chris suicidal and
addicted to pain medications, he conviced his doctor to amputate his leg. Chris
now prooves his decision was for the best as he continues to triumph competition
to competiton. Special Guest: Ricky Johnson. Supercross legend and a veteran
in off-road racing.

EPISODE #6 - Bethany Hamilton

After her courageous and inspirational recovery from a near fatal shark attack, 14
year old Bethany wrote Soul Surfer; a story about how she overcame adversity,
and is now pursuing her dreams. Special Guest: Kelly Slater. Surfing Legend.
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